What Color Paint Should I Choose?

Color plays an important role in how we feel, and sometimes even how we function. Some colors can give us energy and create productivity, while other colors can slow us down, making us feel at peace and relaxed.

We experience this even in the changing of seasons. Here in South Dakota, as we are all finally opening our windows and putting snow shovels away, spring is bringing more color to the earth and smiles on people’s faces.

Now that it is May, the grass is becoming a rich green again and we are seeing more and more clear blue skies. Soon flowers and trees will be blossoming and a sense of relief and excitement settles around this city.

The Art of Color is more than just the visual dynamics and contrasts we see, but also what we feel in different colors’ presence. This is why choosing a paint color can be so difficult, and we as painters get this question often; “What color should I choose?” or “What is popular right now?” We all want it to “feel” right and often times trust colors that are trending to help make a decision.

I hope this blog can give some guidance to what color to choose based on what you are hoping your home to feel like, while also giving resources to guide you in the search for the perfect color.

A Little Science For You

When considering colors, one thing to keep in mind is their saturation and brightness. The more saturated and vibrant a color is, the more energy it can give you. If it is less vibrant, more muted or grayish, the more calming it will be. Similarly with brightness, the lighter and brighter the tone the more peaceful it can be, the darker and richer the color the more energy it can give.

Colors also fall on a scale of warmth and coolness. Warmer colors such as reds and oranges make a room feel warmer, sometimes more cozy. Cool colors such as blues and greens make a room feel more cool and clean. Lighting can also change to warmth and coolness of a neutral color, so it is important to look at swatches in the correct lighting, sometimes different hours of the day.

Choosing the Right Neutral Can Be Tricky

Even neutrals have these differing undertones. Gray can be one of the hardest colors to choose as it can have cool undertones of greens or blues, sometimes lilac, or it can have warm undertones of yellow and tan. It is important to know what you want to feel in the space when choosing a neutral, and find guidance on which neutrals will help you achieve that feeling, whether from your local paint store rep or searching online.

From psychologytoday.com, Light colors make rooms feel more airy and open, even can make walls seem taller. Darker colors will make walls seem closer and rooms seem smaller.
Besides lightness and darkness, color hues all create a feeling of their own. PsychologyToday.com gives us the break down of the emotions behind color:

Green: The color green encourages creativity and alertness, making a great choice for home offices, studios, etc.

Red: Wearing red has been proved to be a color people are drawn to, creating interest and giving off energy. A backdrop of red can give us a burst of strength, often good for a bedroom wall, kitchen, or work out area.

Yellow: Yellow is a warm color but doesn’t always appeal to everyone, so is recommended to use sparingly. This color can be best used in a kitchens as warm colors stimulate our appetite.

Blue: Blue is statistically many people’s favorite color. Blue creates a sense of trust and calm, which is great for almost any space.

Resources To Help You Make Decisions

Many customers ask us, “What colors are you painting most lately?” The last few years bright whites and grays have been the go to for many homes. This clean, minimalistic style seems to continue through 2018 so if you are wondering what will be popular this year, here are a few references below to help you.
C2 paint is a fabulous product we’ve used for a few years now as it’s just came to our local Norbergs in Sioux Falls. C2 has a high respect for color as well as nature, as all of their paints are tinted with plant-based colorants rather than synthetic materials. Check out this video for a little inspiration for color and to hear more about C2 Products:

What is Current and Popular

C2 Resources to Choose From What is Current and Popular

Check out C2’s 2018 color palette for ideas and inspiration.

One more resource for you would be Benjamin Moore’s color of the year chosen by their color and design team, along with their chosen palette of trending colors:

Good luck as you choose the right color for your home!

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