A “Relationship” Business

“Who knew painting and deck services could become a relationship business?? I always thought of these services as very transactional with a bid of services and perhaps no repeat business. What you have, instead, are happy customers that will keep business with you…”

More Than a Finished Product

Over the years, we have learned quite a bit about painting. We have learned which products work better than others. We’ve learned that the prep work can be just as important for longevity as the finish paint. We’ve learned that more than just painting houses, we are painting many people’s most valued assets, both monetarily and emotionally.

This realization should impact the way a company does business. The service industry is a wide variety of short interactions and extensive end results.

We have learned that we don’t just sell paint jobs. Even if we delivered the most perfected paint job, if we aren’t aware of our customers needs and expectations in the service we offer we wouldn’t be providing what is needed in a painting service. The relationship is just as important as the end result.

Historic District Home

A Few Tips in Doing Business

An article from Business.com said it well in describing how businesses set themselves apart “through the customer experience they deliver and not by the products they sell”. Here are just a few things we have learned that have pivotally impacted the way we do business relationally.

Being trusted in and around a customers home is foundational to a painting service.

As mentioned before, our customers home can be one of their most valued assets. We know how important this is when considering hiring someone to paint their home.

The service we provide needs to be consistent from customer to customer.

This can be a difficult goal to achieve within a business consistently changing and growing through each season. We have learned the most impactful way to pursue this is doing extensive interviewing, focused on character more than skill, along with intentional, repeatable training programs.

Customer complaints deserve immediate attention. Because painting is a service provided by people, accidents will happen, details will be missed, and the ball can get dropped. We have learned that dealing with the issues that arise with integrity and urgency can be just as impactful as if these things never occurred at all. Not to say issues are acceptable, but because they can be unavoidable, what becomes more important is how they are dealt with on a relational level.

What I’ve Experienced

Personally, I have worked in multiple service industries. I have enjoyed short interactions with customers in providing an excellent meal. In this setting, often times the service provided is just as important as the quality of food. I worked at a summer camp where a week of relationship building is truly what impacted the kids that came to stay with us more than the location. What I have appreciated most in the painting world is the opportunity to build relationships with customers in their own home, and being trusted there.

My favorite interactions and customers have grown out of the painting service. In a community like Sioux Falls, seeing customers around town who were a blessing to work for has impacted me and our employees because this is a relationship business.

One of Our Favorite Customers


We have learned the value of the customer service and each year work to improve this. We hope to continue to provide an excellent service that leaves a lasting impression physically and relationally.

“I appreciated (Select) checking in with us from time to time to see if we need any painting done. This keeps your company front-of-mind and reminds me/us that you guys are our go-to for all painting needs. A great model of customer service.”

To all our previous customers, thanks for trusting us to paint for you!

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