You’ve Decided to Book with Us, Now What?

First we want to say THANK YOU! We value each of our customers as you are the reason we are able to do what we do — painting houses and transforming lives. Thank you for hiring us. Thank you for trusting us with your home!

Our goal for our customers is to provide an excellent service that leaves a lasting impression. We will strive to do this in whatever way we can. Through our entire hiring process, we are thorough in hiring people you can trust on your property. I hope this blog helps give clarity to our process and who will be working for you.

So you’ve decided to book with us!

You received an estimate with an agreed upon price you and our estimators confirmed. Now you are wondering what’s next. First, here is an overview of our process:

  1. Inquiry: You call us wanting an estimate
  2. Estimate: Our estimators meet with you to get initial details about your project
  3. Hiring us!: You book with us and want to get on the schedule
  4. Communication: Your job details are given to one of Production Associates
  5. Initial Call: An Associate will call to introduce themselves within 1 week of booking and begin talking about details and schedule, and will schedule an initial meeting
  6. Meeting: Your Associate will meet with you to get more details and confirm color 1-3 weeks before painting
  7. Power Washing: Powerwashing will be scheduled and will be completed 1-2 weeks prior to painting
  8. Schedule Confirmation: One more call to confirm anticipated start date
  9. We Start Painting!: Crew will begin painting at your home
  10. Finishing Painting: Crew will finish painting and will meet with you to do a final walk around
    Completion: Job completion details
  11. Follow-up: as needed

Let’s break down each of these steps in the process. We want you to know exactly what to expect from us!


If you are reading this blog and haven’t met with anyone yet, you can expect a phone call from our estimators to schedule an estimate within the week you reach out to us.


We like to meet with each customer to walk through the entire job, and get as many details early on to give you an honest price you can plan for. This helps us hear exactly what you are expecting, your concerns, and how we can best serve you. This meeting can be between 45 minutes – 2 hours depending on size of project. We do our best to give a price at the end of this meeting so you can start discussing and planning.

Hiring us!

Whether you decide you want to get on the schedule during the estimate or you call us later, now the fun part begins! The estimator will finalize details and pass your information to one of our Production Associates who will oversee the crew painting at your home.

Initial Call

Within 1 week after booking our Associates will call to introduce themselves, confirm some details, and plan a time to meet with you! We will ask you to start thinking about your final color choices for this meeting.

Check out our other blog about What color paint should I choose? if you need a little help!


This is important for us to get more details and ask questions we may have not discussed when you were just considering hiring us in the estimate. Again, we want to serve you as best we can. At this meeting, we will also schedule power washing.

Power Washing

We have designated power washers who power wash all of our upcoming projects. We will plan the approximate day a power washer will be at your home, and they will call to reach out if that changes. If not, we ask to have all windows closed that day and patio furniture moved away if possible. Power washing will be between 1-2 weeks before painting.

Schedule Confirmation

We will be in touch once more to plan the approximate day the crew will be there. We do our best to give you an expected start time, but more often then not a previous house will finish quicker or slower than expected before the crew packs up and moves to your home. We will update you if plans change outside of the day we had planned to start painting.

We Start Painting!

Now the ACTUAL fun begins! When the crew comes to paint, you will meet the Crew Leader who will be overseeing painting at your home. We know that it can be confusing to talk to multiple people about your project, but to serve you well when painting, we have a trusted Crew Leader who you can go to with any and all concerns and questions while the crew is there. They are now your main point of contact as they oversee the crew and painters at your home.

Crew Leaders will clarify any of their questions as well, and update you daily on the progress of your home’s painting. Your associate is still involved in working with and communicating with the Crew Leader, but your Crew Leader is best to work with as they are there and overseeing the painters work. Feel free to give cookies to the crews painting, they love that!

Finishing Painting

Once the crew is beginning to wrap up, they will begin packing up and double checking everything they have done. We guarantee satisfaction, so when the crew is ready they will ask to do a final walk around with you. We do this to ensure you are completely happy, and everything is completed as you expected.


We do not ask for final payment until we know you are satisfied. The Crew Leader will have a quick job-sign off survey to register you for our 3-Year Warranty (excluding decks and interiors) and also to get feedback on your experience with us. This helps us to continue growing in excellence and recognize our employees out on job sites. The Crew Leader will walk you through final payment. We ask that we do receive final payment when the job is completed, either by check, cash, or credit card. If you prefer credit card we will have you call into the office or stop in to run your total.
Credit Card payments do require a 3% processing fee.


If a final walk around doesn’t happen before the crew leaves, the crew leader or associate will schedule this with you for another time that works for you. Again, we want to confirm you are satisfied with the finished product and service.

And finally, we thank you for your business! We hope that you have a good experience with us and love how your home looks in the end. We do our best for your experience to be enjoyable, but more often than not, crews come back raving about the customers they worked for! We know how big of a financial commitment painting your home is. Thank you again for hiring us. Thanks for being a part of transforming lives, growing in excellence!

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